You know you listen to too much anime music when...

-You listen to it before you go to sleep

-You have your favorite songs in Mp2,mp3,wav,and midi format

-You know the name of the song by hearing the first ten seconds of the song

-You tell your friends that Minmei is a bigger pop star then Michael Jackson

and your friends point at you and laugh and say "Ha Michael Jackson"

-You go to Japan just to buy the Robot Carnival soundtrack

-You have all the sailor moon cds

-You go to Japan and the only anime soundtrack you bought is the North American Sailor moon CD

-Somebody ask you if you listen to Smashing Pumpkins and you ask them which anime did they do.

-You buy a CD player just for your Ranma CDs love that doco

-You have arguments which female band is sexier Spice Girls, En vogue, or Doco

-You can actually say which member of doco sounds the best. (Megumi Hayahshiabara in my opinion)

-Jpop is next on your list

-zip disks and jaz disks filled with anime music (Griffin has zip InuYasha got Jaz).

-You downloaded every version of Fly me to the moon(he he Griffin).

-You can tell the difference in all versions of Fly me to the moon.

-Your judgment of animes are based on the soundtracks

-56k helps you to download anime song faster

-Every time you hear ya papa you can't help but laugh.

-You listen to Ya papa every day to help you laugh.

-Your working on creating MP7's so your anime music will sound better.

-When watching anime previews you are astonished and you say "Wow what a song I got to get that anime". ex. "Touch My Heart" for Yohko 6 and "The Advertisement song for Gunsmith Cats" adds:

-You start to have a hard time understanding the lyrics to english songs

-You have ever worn-out a video tape at the intro. or credits

-You buy anime videos that really suck just for the music

-You can fluently SING in Japanese, even though you can't SPEAK a word of it

-You already had ALL the music files in this web page before you even heard of it

-You are listening to anime music when you read the "You Know You Listen To Too Much Anime Music When..." list. (I swear, I was listening to the "Armitage III Cyber Matrix" CD from my computer's D: drive when I wrote this)

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