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Jokes of The Moment

Note, these are from other pages that I have surfed and found to be funny. Unless otherwise noted, I cannot take credit for the humor....enjoy ;)

Another one I've helped to create....

The Anime Drinking Game

These rules should work for most Anime. The idea is to see how well you can remember to take a drink while watching any sort of Anime. Some normal cartoons may apply too…. The winner of the game is the one who is left standing after the Anime is over, so the longer the show, or the more outrageous, the better.

Take a 1 drink every time unless otherwise noted….

1. every time someone has on body armor that does absolutely nothing.

2. for every female with a hair color that is impossible to be natural.

3. every time that something is blown up or explodes. (be careful with certain animes, this one may put you into a coma)

4. take 1 beer every time the good guys are almost beaten and then miraculously come back to a stunning win.

5. for ever female that is good looking and a virgin, 2 if she doesn’t want to be, and a whole beer if you get to see her lose it.

6. 1 six pack if the good guys all lose and die. (this almost never happens so this is a stiff one, usually you get one or the other) 7. if you think a mecha is completely insane, but cool.

8. drink the duration if something is completely not proportional to the rest of the environment (this includes body parts)

9. if someone says yes, yet the words in Japanese are different each time.

10. every time a character does not get the joke, 2 if they make a bad face when they get it.

11. Every time an interdimensional: Demon, Monster, Alien, Airhead, Force, Entity, decides to: Threaten, Invade, Destroy, Rape and Pillage, Blow-Up, Annihilate, or just cause extreme unpleasantness to the Planet Earth, specifically the city of Tokyo.

12. Every time a new attachable robot/hero/mecha/machine shows up.

13. Every time someone pulls out a sword.

14. Every time someone pulls out a new futuristic gun/weapon/glave type thing that has more than five syllables.

15. Every time the wind blows and the camera focuses on someone wearing a cool trench coat.(Sure Coma Effect So be careful).

16. whenever the armed forces gets it’s butt kicked.

17. When the good guys are almost dead and are about to be defeated, and the come back in a rousing victory, drink for the duration of the comeback.

18. Drink 2x whenever a character commits an arming montage.

19. whenever someone's eyes get big and their face contorts in a grimace of fear in the face of certain doom.

20. Drink 3x every time a hero jumps 40x his own height in pursuit of or fleeing from a mortal enemy.

21. Drink 5x every time a female hero strips down . (you’ll need the extra booze to further blur the lines between reality and anime so as to fully appreciate a nude anime girl.

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